Architectural Interior Design can be anything and everything from paint colours and furniture placement, space planning for a better layout, and lighting specification, to re-positioning walls, adding a level or extension for more living space or stripping everything back to shell and re-conceiving the whole experience. Integration of detail is essential, marrying space with light and materials, and balancing elements to transcend the space to experience.

Whatever the scale of the project, the primary goal for residential clients is to inspire or restore their joy in their living experience. For hospitality clients, the aim is to integrate seamlessly with, and reinforce the brand identity and provide a comfortable, considered experience for consumers to inspire repeat business and build brand loyalty.

URBANUS designs can help you with paint colours, wall finishes, furniture arrangement, and décor – and so much more….

If you are building something – house, bar, restaurant, or even a block of apartments,  URBANUS designs can help you to review your plans to identify opportunities to incorporate features, lighting, and details that will truly customise your space and set it apart.

Or if you are just starting out on a project, we can have a conversation about your goals and assess the potential involvement of URBANUS designs.

Jeffrey has managed projects ranging from single room makeovers to $2million new-builds, integrating his designs with Architects, Structural Engineers, HVAC specialists, and AV Designers.

Thank you for your interest in URBANUS designs!